Digitizing Your Photo Collection

Wondering why you would want to digitize your photo collection? Thinking it would be nice but the time and effort is too much? Not sure where to start and feeling overwhelmed?
At Pixel Perfect Photo Solutions, we can walk you through what you know, and help you decide what steps are right for you!
There are many reasons to digitize your photos, but they can all be summed up in three words: Preserve, Enjoy and Share.


Digitizing your photos means that the images of your past are preserved in digital format. Albums and loose prints are susceptible to damage by significant disasters such as floods and fires, but also to the mundane effects of time and exposure.  Dust, moisture, sunlight, old magnetic albums, these all have a detrimental effect on printed photos.  Digitizing your photos gives you peace of mind that no matter what, you still have the images.
Photos are priceless in that they are one of the most effective ways of remembering special memories.  Visual media should be seen and past storage has allowed for that. Albums, picture frames, slide projectors, all ensured photos could be enjoyed.  In the digital age, as photos have migrated to computers and online, albums are often forgotten on shelves or packed away in basements, and very few of us own a slide projector.  Digitizing your old photos makes it possible for them to be enjoyed again.  Digital slideshows have replaced slide projectors, photobooks highlight the best of the best, and hundreds of items can be personalized with photos.  
When we take photos, we take them to remember, but also to share.  We share photos of our families, of new babies, and of special events.  We all have that one family member with 1000 pictures of their holiday who seems to enjoy sharing the pictures more than they enjoyed the holiday. Digital technology has led to Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket and a host of other photo sharing sites. 
Our children learn about their parents and grandparents through photos and stories.  Photos always increase the interest in a narrative, and provides images for contextualizing history.  Photos allow us to connect with others and share in their memories and relationships.  
Digitizing your analog photos brings them into the digital realm where they can be shared across the world as easily as across the room.  
  • Facebook
  • Email
  • Digital Media
  • Websites
  • Dropbox
  • Flickr
  • Photobucket
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • and more...
  • Allows all family members to have copies of all family photos
  • Pass down family photos to all members of the next generaltion
  • Connect with todays generation with today's technology
  • Share old memories with family and friends near and far
  • Reconnect with family and friends over precious memories
  • Help parents and grandparents recall forgotten moments
Take steps to protect your irreplaceable photos before it's too late.  Whether from flood and fire or time and storage, your photos can never be replaced after the fact.  Digitizing your collection ensures your photos and memories are safe from damage.  Digitizing allows for sharing amongst family and friends, whole photo collections can now be passed down intact to each child. Separation and divorce no longer means having to split up tangible memories of your life together, or your childs early years. Having digital copies of old photos opens up new possibilities of photo gifts, mementos,  digital photo frames, slideshows and photobooks.